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Meet Theresa Harris

Theresa Harris is the owner and founder of Scholarship Momma®. As a scholarship expert, Theresa works with families to empower and support them while they navigate the world of higher education. Scholarship Momma® focuses on helping the youth of America develop a game plan to complete their college career with less debt. While the primary focus is the youth, each generation can surely benefit from Scholarship Momma®.

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Theresa Harris

Theresa is a mother of three, all of whom earned Bachelors degrees and won scholarships. Her daughter earned a Bachelors degree in Technical Management with a minor in Human Resources Management. Her two sons earned a bachelor’s degree in Automotive Technology and Hospitality Management respectively.

Theresa was born in Chicago but raised in Jackson, Mississippi (Go JSU!). When she returned to Chicago, Theresa attended school part-time to focus on raising her children. As her children got older, she began to work full time while still attending school part-time until she was laid off from her job. Not to be deterred, Theresa transitioned to going to school full time and graduated in 2001 with her Bachelor’s degree in business.

As a scholarship recipient, Theresa earned over $32,000 in scholarships towards the completion of her Master’s degree in Higher Education, which she was awarded in 2013. Theresa began her career as a College Financial Aid Advisor in 2000 and has not looked back since. In her 15+ year career, Theresa has earned numerous awards and designations including Employee of the Year and the Dean’s List for the Financial Aid Department. Theresa is a member of several professional organizations-the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and the Illinois Association of Admissions and Counseling to name two.

When Theresa isn’t working with America’s future, she enjoys spending time and traveling the world with her husband and #1 supporter, Mike. Theresa also enjoys dancing, reading the bible, and Sci-Fi movies.






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Chicago, IL 60617


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