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E. Lynch- University of Chicago Charter School

Ms. Harris' energy was so energizing + appreciated! She was able to cover so much material in a short amount of time, and I know the students left with many crucial takeaways.

Zoey Keeney, M.Ed.-Legal Prep Charter School (College & Career Counselor)

Theresa Harris, aka the Scholarship Momma, is a walking resource center with a vibrant energy. I have had her present to my kids multiple times now, and I am continually enthralled by her ability to connect with and relate to my students. The process of searching for and applying for scholarships for teenagers is daunting.

Theresa's resources are all up to date. She is welcoming and relatable to students and parents and provides multiple suggestions and avenues, making students feel quickly empowered to search and do.

She knows how to read a room, creating a welcoming environment, and changing her presentation style to meet the needs of the population, and her communication and follow-up with the educational partners are professional, timely, and student-centered. I feel thankful to have her as a resource in my toolkit and highly recommend you do the same.


Alcott College Prep

Scholarship Momma was one of the highlights of the year! Our students have been struggling to find scholarships! She came in and not only was resourceful but was extremely upbeat. The students were engaged (which is a hard task because this is very stressful for seniors!) and they have applied the knowledge to their quest for scholarships. Scholarship Momma also followed up with staff and teachers which was above and beyond. I had seniors who are not in One Goal ask if she would be attending Senior Seminar because they heard how amazing she was! I also had multiple Fellows say to me in the days that followed how the presentation made them extra happy to be in One Goal. Scholarship Momma is a must for every senior class!

Scholarship Momma was very informative and made communicating about scholarships very easy and understandable. Our Zoom calls were very helpful and we gained a lot of information from those. She really made the process easy and shared a lot of tips about how to find scholarships and what to look for


Theresa was an extreme pleasure to work with.   She has a wealth of knowledge in the financial aid and awards process and was critical to our understanding of the process. She took the time to get to know our son who will be entering an Ivy League college in the fall.  She was very thorough with her research and offered solid options that fit with our son's interests and personality.  I look forward to working with Theresa in the future when our other kids head to college!







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