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Theresa’s most requested live and virtual workshops. Theresa can customize her live or virtual presentation to specifics and relevant to your audience and interests.

College Student

It Can't Win &
You Can't Lose

Everyone faces tough times. Life is unpredictable and nobody is immune to pain, frustration, or disappointment. We are more connected than ever and we might feel like we're the only ones struggling. Sometimes, it can be hard to cope with difficult emotions and situations.

Having a strong sense of resilience is more crucial than ever. When we're feeling defeated or hopeless, it's hard to find the energy we need to move forward. But what if we could learn how to maintain our hopeful outlook on life even in our darkest hours? With this workshop, you'll learn the skills that will give you the strength to bounce back and keep going no matter what life throws at you.

How to Save Thousands
of Dollars

This scholarship workshop will teach practical skills for curating a winning application. I’ll demonstrate how to navigate the application, provide tips on writing effective scholarship essays, and provide best practices. With this workshop, participants will walk away with step-by-step instructions on how to find scholarship opportunities.


Scholarships 101

A Guide for Parents with Teens- Parents, the key is to partner with your teen to help them find money for college. This workshop will teach parents crucial tips and strategies on what they can do to help their teens while hunting for scholarship opportunities. The goal of this workshop is to help parents and teens minimize student loan debt.

* FAFSA Workshop

The 1st step to receiving federal funding for college is to complete the FAFSA. For many families completing the FAFSA can be overwhelming. This workshop will help participants navigate the FAFSA form so that they can obtain the financial aid they need to help pursue their college dream.

*Financial Aid 101-Grants, Scholarship, Loans, Federal Workstudy, SAI, and COA. What’s that? This workshop will help participants understand more about financial aid and how it works. 

*Bring Falling in Love with Financial Aid Success Tour to your school or organization. The tour includes both workshops.

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