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                        Scholarship Mastery: Scholarship Momma ® Weekly Virtual Program


Picture this: you’re on the hunt for scholarships to fund your teen’s college education, but you don’t even know where to begin. Your teen is eager for guidance through the scholarship application process and needs expert feedback on their essays. To make matters worse, the FAFSA is undergoing changes for 2024-25 academic year.


We understand. Time is of the essence, and navigating this complex process can be overwhelming. Trust me.  Your teen’s dream of attending college without financial burden is still achievable.


Introducing Scholarship Momma ® Weekly Program-the ultimate solution to put you on the fast track to securing college funding.


Here’s what your teen will gain from this transformative program:


  1. Personalized Scholarship Research: Based on a questionnaire, we’ll identify the best scholarships tailored to your teen’s unique profile.

  2. Comprehensive Scholarship Strategy Packet: A valuable resource your teen can use throughout their college journey.

  3. Essay Power Hour: Bi-weekly group Zoom meetings for expert guidance and constructive feedback on scholarship essays.

  4. Apply Power Hour: Bi-weekly Zoom meetings focused on your teen applying for scholarships.

  5. GroupMe Chat for Parents: An exclusive forum for parents to ask questions and share insights with other parents.


The total value of this all-inclusive program is $5,000. However, you can access for $525.00 a month. 


Your teen don’t have to live their lives with the weight of student debt. Invest in Scholarship Momma ® program today and secure their future success.

  • When do the meetings take place?
    Meetings are held via Zoom every Saturday from 8am-9am (CST) until July 22nd.
  • Are there makeup meetings available if I miss one?
    No, they are no makeup meetings.
  • Are the meetings recorded for future references?
    No, the meetings aren’t recorded.
  • Can you provide more information about your Essay Specialist?
    Our Essay Specialist has experience as an English Tutor and Peer Mentor in College. Her professional career consists of writing company policies and proofreading correspondence, which showcases her expertise in writing and editing.
  • When does your weekly program end?
    This program ends Saturday July 22nd.
Scholarship Momma-Monthly Payment
Scholarship Momma-Monthly Payment
May 20, 2023, 8:00 AM CDT – Jul 29, 2023, 8:00 AM CDT
Virtual Event
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